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SK MOTORLET PRAHA is the football division consisting of 20 youth clubs and 2 adult clubs. The youth clubs are quite successful – junior and senior school-boys play the Czech Premier League whilst the adult club plays the B Division League.
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Volleyball team TJ SOKOL Zbecnik

The volleyball team Sokol Zbečník won the regional competition while loosing only a single game. In November 2002 it took part in the qualification competition to play Czech Republic Cup. In its category it won its place among eight best Czech teams. When playing the first tournament of the Czech Republic Cup in Kostelnice nad Orlicí – category of senior school girl groups – it won the fifth place.
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SK Slavoj Svitavy - Lany

slavoj-1.jpg slavoj-2.jpg This sports club was established in 1947
Football Division - Men play class 1A competition in the PARDUBICE region
Football Division - Women play II. league - east
Football Division - School-boys, Juniors
Bowling Division, Aerobic Division - Women

Rallye Sport Promotion

This team was established by several car drivers and motor-vehicle racing enthusiasts at the end of 2002. Adoption of the rallye concept was not incidental since the queen of the motor sports had considerably inspired all members of a newly established team already in the past. Many of the team members had been active as members of other teams as car mechanics or race drivers long before.